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:iconfnaf-ocs: :iconactive-fnaf-fans: :iconcandypop-fc: :iconocsofcreepypasta:
bolded applies to placebo, italicized applies to blair

[x] (was) A normal person.

[x] S/he is a killer/murderer/criminal.

[ ] S/he is a Proxy/Slender.  

[ ] S/he is a demonic creature.

[x] S/he is a ghost/spirit/has no soul. 

[ ] S/he is an animal like creature.

[ ] S/he is a glitch/hack/virus.

Total: 2

Does s/he have any abilities/specialties?

[ ] S/he is immortal.

[ ] S/he has the ability to fly/float/jump/run/switch places.

[ ] S/he has the ability to use forces.

[x] S/he has sharp claws/fangs.

[x] S/he can listen and see from a distance. 

[ ] S/he has eyes that change accordingly to his/her mood.

[ ] S/he has eyes that change to red whenever s/he transforms. 

[ ] S/he has tentacles. 

[ ] S/he can heal.

[ ] S/he is fluent in demonic language. 

[ ] S/he can talk to animal and other creatures.

[x] S/he has hallucinations.                                                                
[ ] S/he can disguise into something else. 

[ ] S/he glitches.

Total: 3 / 3

What are his/her appearances?

[x] S/he has natural hair color. 

[ ] His/her hair color is different than his/her natural ones.

[ ] S/he has mixed hair color. 

[x] S/he wears on something they like/They often wear the same accessories every time. {black varsity jacket, blair doesn't even know where it came from}

[x] S/he wears masks to cover their faces.

[ ] S/he has wings.

[ ] S/he looks younger/older.

[ ] S/he has blood/bleeds on their faces/They cry blood.

[ ] S/he has black eyes.

[ ] S/he has natural red eyes.

[ ] S/he has horns.

[x] His/her skin looks pale.

[ ] S/he has scars on his/her face.

[ ] His/her age is 12 and below.  

[x] His/her age is 13 to 20 and above. {16, not too much is known about placebo}

Total: 6 / 7

What happened to them?

[ ] S/he was possessed by demons.

[ ] S/he was a psycho/insane/has mental problem.

[ ] S/he killed his/her family.

[ ] His/her family killed/abused him/her.

[x] S/he was raised by his/her other relations or someone they don't know. 

[ ] S/he murdered a person or everyone.

[ ] S/he has struggled to be sane. 

[ ] S/he caught on an accident.

[ ] His/her family died because of accident but s/he didn't die. 

[ ] S/he killed him/herself. 

[ ] S/he hacked his/her victims on computers.

[ ] S/he became one of Slenderman's Proxies. 

[ ] S/he was part of a Slender.

[x] S/he was cursed {she thinks she was, at least}

[x] S/he was bullied. 

[ ] She doesn't know who his/her parents are

Total: 9 / 7

More about them

[ ] S/he is anti-social/lonely.

[x] S/he is talkative/friendly

[ ] S/he is attractive.

[ ] Everyone likes him/her.

[ ] S/he currently has a crush or s/he was loved.

[ ] S/he has a boyfriend/girlfriend. 

[ ] S/he is straight.

[x] S/he is homo/bi/lesbian/pan. {blair is bicurious, placebo is pan}

[ ] S/he is asexual.

[x] S/he often kills people when they are attacking him/her.

[x] S/he doesn't fight first. 

[ ] S/he is very mysterious/dark. 

[ ] S/he can't think.

[x] S/he is emotional. {blair is just easily emotional, whereas placebo has easily triggered moodswings}

[x] S/he is always happy. {she tries, at least}

[ ] S/he has a friend.

[ ] S/he has many friends.

[ ] S/he is always serious.

[x] S/he is very sensitive

[x] S/he is always a helping hand.

[ ] S/he is lazy.

[x] S/he is clever at sorts of things. {placebo's cleverness is much more hostile than blair's}

[x] S/he is kind to everybody.

[x] S/he is mean to everybody. 

[x] S/he is very shy. 

[x] S/he is very brave. {when it comes to protecting people she cares about}

[x] S/he is paranoid.
[x] S/he is funny. {they try}

[ ] S/he drinks blood.

Total: 23 / 13

What does s/he like to do?

[ ] S/he smokes.

[x] S/he likes killing people for fun. 

[ ] S/he enjoys bullying. 

[ ] S/he is an alcoholic.

[x] She does her favourite hobby {she's a photographer, and she likes to write stories to go with her photos. if she doesn't have her camera you could catch her staring at people and building a story in her head}

[ ] S/he likes to eat humans a lot.

Total: 24 / 14

Now my additional points: (Aka Bonus/Missed Points in the sheet)
[ ] S/he was tortured
[x] S/he is dangerously bipolar
[ ] S/he is undead, spirit/ghost or been given a new life
[x] S/he has a no regards for human life
[x] S/he can't really feel pain/ high pain tolerance

[ ] S/he traumatized by fire 
[ ] S/has acidic blood
Total: 24 / 17

Combined Total: 

0 - 10 = Boring

11-30 - good OC omg yaaaaaas ; v ;

31 - 45 = A good one! But s/he could be a bit boring

46 - 50 = Balanced Character

51 - 65 = A good one! But s/he could be slightly annoying 

66 - 75 = Overpowered

76 = 80 = Borderline Sue

81 - 100 = Mary Sue


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